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About Vismo Media
We can help your business generate sales with YouTube Ads. In this video I speak about our all-inclusive packgages and give you ome background info on Vismo Media.

Why YouTube Ads
In this video I go over why a business would want advertise with YouTube ads. There are great opportunities for business to generate sales using this medium.

Free YouTube Report
Want to know if your business can benefit from YouTube ads? In this video I go over what is included in our free YouTube report.

How YouTube Ads Work
In this video I go over how to create a successful YouTube campaign.


What is this? We will show you how many people are searching for content that relates to your business on YouTube.  We also show you the available content that you can place your video before as a pre-roll ad. We use a specific software program to compile this information that we will share with you. Email or call us to get the free report.


  • What we do: We produce videos (creative & direct response) for business and then buy targeted views on YouTube to generate qualified leads and customers.
  • Pricing: Each campaign is different but you can get started for under $500.
  • Results: Campaigns are based on results whether it be leads, signups, or giveaways.  If we cannot generate leads, then there is no reason to continue.
  • Video Production Costs: The cost of a video can range from $500 to $5,000.  It is important to see results with lower cost videos before making ones with higher budgets.
  • How it works: First we develop a plan with goals we can measure (lead generation), then we produce the videos or use templates, we buy targeted placement on YouTube, then we remarket our final offers to generate leads with banners and more direct response videos.
  • Custom Campaigns:  Every business is different so for this reasons we create a campaign that will fit your needs.  Contact us so we can give you a free analysis of what people are searching to watch when looking to make a purchase in your industry.


  • YouTube Vs Google Ads: Google AdWords are great but for many keywords the prices are extraordinary expensive.  YouTube ads on the other hand are relatively new and not as saturated so the prices are much more reasonable.
  • Video Engages Emotionally: With video you catch attention, tell a story, entertain, demonstrate a product, and build a relationship better than any other medium.
  • You can Target Your Viewers: YouTube allows us to choose which videos to place your ads before and which search keywords to target.  We use different software and analysis tools to find out which videos are best for your keywords and then place the videos accordingly.  This is important because the viewer is already interested in the subject of your content.  Finding the correct viewers is a very important part of running a successful campaign.
  • Buyers are seeking decision making information: The beauty of YouTube is that many people use the platform to watch videos about certain topics that will help them make a buying decision.  They are in the process of gathering information and this is a great time to educate them about your product or service.


Take a look at our past work.  We have produced explainers, content videos, advertisements, and a full feature documentary over the years since 2009.


Get a Free YouTube report for your business.  To get started fill out the form below or give us a call so we can discuss your business and marketing goals.

Address: 111 W Illinois St, Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: 312-625-6181

Will YouTube Ads work for you?

To get started we offer a free YouTube analysis report for your business to see if a YouTube campaign will work for you.  This analysis has no obligation and we will show you some results of what people are searching for on YouTube in regards to your industry.

Starter Campaign to test

It is best to test and see what works first at a low budget than to waste tons of money producing expensive videos that do not generate results.  In this phase we produce a set of ads and then test our sales funnel to see the results. The cost can range from $500 to $4,500 depending on the campaign.

Continue doing what works & Scale

After we see the results from your starter campaign we can then continue doing what works and scale it.  We can also create and test new campaigns with new video ideas.