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What is this? We will show you how many people are searching for content that relates to your business on YouTube.  We also show you the available content that you can place your video before as a pre-roll ad. We use a specific software program to compile this information that we will share with you. Email or call us to get the free report.


Take a look at our past work.  We have produced explainers, direct response ads, and documentary style sales videos.

Documentary Package

Below is an example of the videos that come in a Documentary Package.  One of the main benefits of our documentary package is that you get more than 1 video which includes Direct Response, Explainer, and Trailer videos.



  • All Inclusive: We take care of all the video production work from idea creation, story boarding, doing film shoots, all the way to final edits.  All you need to do is fill out a short form about your businesses, jump on a quick call, and then give us feedback along the way.

  • Video Types: Explainers, 30 second spots, sales videos, instructional videos, talking heads, content videos.  We use animation, talking head, interviews, and documentary styles for videos.

  • Documentary Packages: One of the best parts of creating a documentary is that we have all the necessary personal on set to make more than one video (direct response, explainers, and trailer). *All videos are included in the package price.

  • Video Marketing: Do you have a plan to market your video?  We offer video marketing services that include advertising your video on YouTube and Facebook.


Get a Free YouTube report for your business.  To get started fill out the form below we are located in Chicago and have a production studio in Los Angeles.

Free Consultation/YouTube Ads Report

Do you have any questions about video production or marketing your videos?  We are more than happy to share with you how a video marketing campaign can increase the sales of your business.

In your Free YouTube Ads Report we will show you specific examples of videos people are watching on YouTube that relate to your business. This will give you an idea if an audience exists for marketing your videos online.

Video Marketing Services

Do you have a marketing plan for your videos?  We offer video marketing services which includes helping you set up a video sales funnel, setting up a YouTube advertising campaign, building landing pages, remarketing, and lead generation. Contact us for a free YouTube ads report.