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Free YouTube Report


Would you like to know if people are searching to watch information about your product or service on YouTube?  We are offing a free YouTube report that shows you how viable a YouTube campaign would be for your business.  Below is a video that explains what you will get in this free report.


Why YouTube Ads


Think about how difficult it is to catch someone’s attention.  When was the last time a banner ad or pop up spiked your interest enough for you to quit what you were doing to check it out?  The truth is the effectiveness of these types of ad formats have plummeted through the years (I am not talking about remarketing with these mediums).  One of the best parts about YouTube ads is that you have an opportunity to be front and center in the path of the user who has to watch the first 5 second of the ad before deciding to skip it or not.  So how do you make sure the user does not skip your video?  The secret is to make the video relevant to what the user is searching to watch.  In essence you are not interrupting the viewer but instead doing them a favor by giving them important information that they are searching for which they can use to make a buying decision.  Watch the video below as I go over Why YouTube ads are effective.


YouTube for your business


Will YouTube ads work for my company is a question many business owners ask me. The key to understanding if spending money on YouTube is worth it is to see if the viewers are searching for relevant information about your product or service.  Lets say you are a new start up and your platform is designed like Uber, not for rides but instead for car rentals.  Your idea is not well known to potential viewers so when you run your ads you will want to make them more informational versus direct response.  The next step is to see if there are viewers searching in YouTube for topics that are similar to what you are offering.  In this case you might want to target viewers who are looking for travel information seeing that they will be renting a car or you might want to target people that are moving to a city like Los Angeles who might not have a car and would need to rent (share) one.  There are many ways to target and design your campaign to reach potential customers for your business.  Below is a video about How YouTube ads Work.